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Welcome to my pixel art shop and thanks for your support. Enjoy free shipping on orders above 30€!

Lenticular Postcards:
A6. Animating when you flip them.

Lenticular Wall Prints:
A4/A3. Animating when you walk past them.


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About This Pixel Art Shop...

Thanks for supporting independent Artists!

Thanks so much for browsing my shop. I’m Stefanie and I’ve been doing 8bit art since 2017.

With this shop I hope to pay my rent, buy art supplies and sustain an endless stream of coffee, potentially with some vanilla sirup if you’re extra generous on your shopping spree. All profits go 100% to me and I pack and ship all orders myself. If you want me to sign your prints, just leave me a note during checkout, and if you end up putting prints on your wall or stickers on random things, I’d love to see a picture! <3


Apart from the pixel art stickers, pixel art prints and 8bit wallpapers, is there anything else you’d like to see here? Ping me anytime at, Discord (moertel#9999) or via social media DMs. I’m always happy to try out new things.

Honourable Mention & Shout-out <3

A very special THANK YOU goes out to my lovely patrons who are the reason this shop exists in the first place: I’m extremely grateful to have your support and it’s such a boost to keep making pixel art. Thank you!!! And if you, dear reader, have not joined the club yet, come have a look!