What's Included

  • Icons

    Enjoy 1000+ hand-drawn icons with new ones added every month

  • 4K Wallpapers

    Get a growing collection of hi-res hand-drawn pixel art wallpapers

  • Widgets

    Choose from greetings, analog clocks and digital date widgets

  • Requests

    Request your favourite app icon right from within the app

All-in-One Pixel Art Theme


All icons, widgets and wallpapers complement each other for the perfect 8bit retro look.

For your homescreen

Date Widget

Let your phone say 'hi' with a customisable greeting widget that changes throughout the day.

1000 and counting


Instagram, Netflix, Slack or Google Drive - over 1000 icons map automatically to your installed apps.

User Reviews

This icon set actually made me really enjoy and look forward to using my phone! I've not enjoyed personalizing and customizing my phone so much in years.

Casey P. (on GooglePlay)

Absolutely phenomenal! This is my favorite art style and I'm so happy to have found Moertel and their icon pack!!

Nikki W. (on GooglePlay)

This icon pack is so cute and easy to set up. 100000/10 I love it.

Rachel F. (on Google Play)

Excellent pack, great style, coverage keeps growing, fantastic support, a must have to any collection!

Nini M. (on GooglePlay)


Does it work with my phone?

Some Android devices natively support icon packs. For those that don't, I recommend downloading Nova Launcher from GooglePlay. It's completely free and guaranteed to be compatible with Retro Mode.

Supported launchers:

ABC • Action • ADW • APEX • Atom • Aviate • BlackBerry • CM Theme • Evie • Flick • Go EX • Holo • Lawnchair • Lucid • Microsoft • Mini • Next • Niagara • Nougat • Nova (recommended) • POCO • Posidon • Smart • Solo • Square • V • Zenui • Zero

What if one of my app icons is not included?

Use one of your 5 free icon requests to submit your missing icon and I will pixel it for you to be released with the next monthly update. There are also additional icon request packages available for purchase with 1, 5, 10 or even 20 requests included.

Do all icon requests get fulfilled?

I can only guarantee drawing icons for apps that are on the GooglePlay store but I try to complete 100% of the requests. They're released the following month.

Your question is not listed here?

Reach out to me with the chat button below, or email me at hi@moer.tel

Get your Instant Nostalgia

With Retro Mode, you get a lovingly crafted app that can theme your entire phone. Each month has a fresh update with hand-pixelled new icons, new wallpapers and occasionally new widgets, too. All while supporting an independent artist.

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