Thank You!


I hope your package arrived safely and that you enjoy the print(s). If there’s anything you’re not happy with, please let me know at and I’ll do my best to resolve any issues. 🙂 I always love seeing my prints “in the wild”, so if you want to share any photos on social media, make sure to tag me (it would really make my day).


I aim for 100% environmentally-friendly packaging (but I know I’m not quite there yet). Any non-recyclable material will be phased out, which means I use up what I have and once it runs out I’ll replace it with recyclable alternatives. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to reduce the footprint of my packaging even further, drop me a message, I’d appreciate it!


Cardboard Folding Box (Black)

Made of 100% recycled cardboard 350 g/m² (supplier) that can easily be recycled again.

Cardboard Envelope (Black)

Made of 100% recycled cardboard 425 g/m² (supplier) that can easily be recycled again.

Shipping Labels (Brown)

Made of 100% recycled kraft paper 536 g/m² (supplier) using (waterbased) acrylate dispersion adhesive which breaks down without releasing harmful substances to the environment.

Shipping Labels (White)

Made of chlorine-free bleached paper with solvent-free adhesive (supplier). These will be phased out and replaced with labels made from recycled paper.

Stickers (Holographic)

Made of vinyl with solvent-free adhesive (supplier). These cannot be recycled and will be phased out!