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Retro Mode - Pixel Art Font

Finally the retro goodness your design projects deserve.

RetroMode is the perfect typeface for old-school vibes and some serious digital nostalgia! It's compatible with all devices that support TrueType fonts (e.g. Windows, OSX, Linux) and guaranteed to make your designs 200% more beautiful to look at.

Be it gaming-themed invitations, a full retro desktop makeover or sleek 8bit widgets on your mobile phone - Retro Mode brings instantaneous nostalgic aesthetic with a modern twist to any project.

German, Norwegian, French or Czech? With over 300 glyphs, all your Ä's, Ñ's and Ø's are covered. Plus many widely-used symbols such as @, %, & and even {}.

TrueType font

Crisp pixel art look

Latin characters and numbers

Windows, OSX, Linux

Instant download

License Info

With a personal license, you're free to install the font on your personal devices or use it for personal projects (for example a birthday card or invitation). You may not share it, publish it, resell it, or use it commercially!

In particular, don't use it for websites, mobile apps or other online endeavours. :) It's my Retro Mode brand font, after all, so I got to be a little protective here.

The full licensing terms are included as a PDF in the download file.

Language Support

The following language character sets are fully supported:

  • English
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • ...and many more
iOS and Android

On iOS 13+ and many Android devices, you can install custom fonts with the help of third-party font manager apps. Please check before purchasing that your device supports custom fonts. Not all of them do!

iOS: Check out iFont

Android: Check out zFont

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    Retro Mode - Pixel Art Font
    Retro Mode - Pixel Art Font
    Retro Mode - Pixel Art Font