• Drive


    Pixel Art, 2022

  • Stationary


    Pixel Art, 2021

  • The Light and the Half-Light

    The Light and the Half-Light

    Pixel Art, 2021

  • Who Owns the City?

    Who Owns the City?

    Pixel Art, 2021

  • Detour


    Pixel Art, 2021

  • Long Haul

    Long Haul

    Pixel Art, 2020

  • 2:00 AM

    2:00 AM

    Pixel Art, 2020

Music Videos

  • Alt-J / "Get Better"  

    Alt-J / "Get Better"

    Director & Animator
    Released on 3rd November 2021

    A dark pixel art music video for Alt-J's "Get Better", a contemporary story about loss and hope.

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  • Turin Brakes / "Isolation"  

    Turin Brakes / "Isolation"

    Co-Director & Animator
    Released on 16th September 2022

    A choose-your-own-adventure style video for Turin Brakes' "Isolation", a dystopian noir story in rural America.

    View on YouTube

Android Themes

  • Retro Mode - Neon  

    Retro Mode - Neon

    Over 2222 hand-crafted pixel art icons designed with a palette of 8 vibrant colours. The pack contains 6 noir monochrome wallpapers with >50% black pixels.

    Get the wallpapers or:

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  • Retro Mode - Light  

    Retro Mode - Light

    Over 2222 minimalistic pixel art icons in plain white, 9 colourful atmospheric wallpapers and 6 highly customisable widgets (digital clock, calendar & more).

    Get the wallpapers or:

    Get it on Google Play